Season's Greetings

Warmest holiday Greetings from me, the newest member of the Impressionist and Modern Art international team! 

After a 20+ year career in the New York art world, I am proud and thrilled to have joined the strong Bonhams team as Senior Vice President and International Director, and Head of Americas for the department.
My professional background has been mainly with another international auction house, and a stint in 2019 as an art advisor. My passion has always been understanding, valuing and selling works of art from the early days of Impressionism with Claude Monet, Eugene Boudin (and their immediate predecessors, JF Millet, and the Barbizon school) all the way through WWII by the time that Abstraction, and then International Modernism had firmly taken hold. The birth of abstraction is a period of particular interest to me, in the 1910s all around the world, and I also love and admire and feel a true affinity for works by the female artists of the Surrealist movement, who were long known first and foremost as the partners of great (male) artists, but who are now recognized as brilliant artists in their own right. It must be said that they are finally now selling for significant prices and being sought after by collectors and museums alike, especially in America, and I have been a happy contributor to those new price benchmarks. 

I also advise many clients who buy and sell into in the post WWII period, and I do find that looking holistically at works across the entire Twentieth Century is how people truly collect today, in a more open and somewhat less segmented way. This interesting breaking of boundaries, whether by date or by region, is the focus of so many of our clients these days and our colleagues across the wider academic and commercial art world. 

I look forward to getting to know you here at Bonhams and sharing a mutual passion for art and artists, as well as providing the best client service, superlative expertise, and significant prices in this vibrant and global marketplace.

Molly Ott Ambler

Caption for the Rodin:
AUGUSTE RODIN (1840-1917)
Le Baiser, 4ème réduction ou petit modèle
inscribed 'Rodin' (on the back) and stamped 'A. Rodin' (on the underside)
7/8 in (25.8 cm) (height)
Conceived in 1886 and cast in 1945
Sold for $350,000


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